L+S Projects promotes alternative projects to the regular programme of the gallery, to be developed in or out of it, with the purpose of projecting artists and engage curators to generate a theoretical debate.
These projects aim to bring artistic exchange, aesthetic discourse and experimentation from the behind-scenes to the forefront.
Young artists and curators receive the opportunity and all the support to showcase projects in a professional gallery environment, being offered to work at the project room of the gallery, which should be understood as an extension of the artist’s studio and a steppingstone between the studio practice and a commercial gallery.
But then, elsewhere, inside or outside of the gallery, the possibility to explore new formats, through exhibitions or performances, among others, adapting to the current needs of the artistic practice.

Since its opening in November 2017, the Lehmann + Silva gallery is committed to promoting contemporary Portuguese artists in the international art scene, as well as representing and exhibiting international artists in Portugal and abroad. The gallery is distinguished by the deep relationships it develops with artists and community, representing and exhibiting from emerging to mid-career and established.

Located in the old neighbourhood of Bonfim in Porto. Lehmann + Silva is only 200 meters away from the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto). The gallery is surrounded by students, artists’ studios and a friendly artistic environment. Divided by two floors, the gallery has the main exhibition area and a project space. Portuguese and international curators are often invited to conduct research and develop special projects for the gallery space.

The gallery's project room aims to bring artistic exchange, experimentation and discussion to the forefront. Young artists and curators receive an opportunity to showcase projects in a professional gallery environment. The purpose of this initiative is to support artists and curators to generate a theoretical discussion to take place within the gallery.